The Sexiest Alien on Planet Earth - NVS

It's true that some people on Earth are actually aliens from a parallel world. Our latest sighting is killing the game with sexy and soultry sounds with meaningful messaging. NvS just dropped a new EP "I Talk In Tones" Check out the latest visual.


Ever wonder what life would be like if women hit on us for a change? What if for one day the roles were reversed? What if women decided to do what we did just to show us what they go through sometimes? How would that play out?

We’ve seen it, heard it and probably done it at some point. You know, spotted a beautiful looking woman and decided to wow her with our wit and charm. We’ve thought nothing of telling her how good she looks in those jeans and how we hoped she saved room for us in them. We’ve made songs describing our favorite parts of her body and how she reminds us of something… like a jeep or a car...


3D printing is certainly no stranger to fashion. Since 2012 there have been several fashion designers taking advantage of the Makerbot and it’s 3D printing capabilities but only a handful of designers have made breakthroughs.

Brooklyn’s own Francis Bitonti caught the public’s eye with the Bristle Dress, a two-piece Couture 3D print made of complex geometric shapes and a “cloud-like translucent haze”. Check out the video for behind the scenes footage and Francis Bitonti’s VO.


"Sometimes, when pursuing a career that you want longevity in, and not just a quick 15 minutes of fame, you must decline money, say no to photographers, magazines, videographers, and businesses with a certain reputation or following, in order for you to build your own brand."

Artist, Model, Entertainer, B.O.S.S., Ryan boasts multi-faceted talents in which she uses to captivate and create. She Is Ryan aka SIR, has a fitting ring to it as Ryan is as business savvy as she is gorgeously stunning. There's no denying the respect for her crafts.


Ever see cool street art and wonder where it's at? Well now there's an app for that.

1AM Mobile is a photo app that lets users document, share, and discover street art in their community. Users can browse photos of street art contributed by fellow users or they can use the app as a guide to view street art in person. The free app is available for iPhone and was created by First Amendment Gallery (1AM) in San Francisco. Download it here

Frida Kahlo: Heart On Her Sleeve

Having endured the pain of love, life and society yet masterfully leaving us with a legacy of fine art and vivid self expressions, we celebrate Frida Kahlo for Cinco de Mayo.

Frida Kahlo was born in Coyoacán, Mexico in 1907, although she intentionally publicized her birth as being in 1910 which is also the birth of the Mexican Revolution. Married to world famous Diego Rivera, a well established muralist, she is best known for her masterful self portraits channeled by her internal turmoil and pain accentuated with beautiful Mexican colors and finished with earth inspired nature and her captivating gaze.

battle of the social sexes: who wins?

It's really very interesting to examine social usage when it comes to men and women. This infographic takes a deeper dive into where men and women spend their social time.

Clearly the women are dominating the social space and probably for good reason. Women are the main target audience in consumer markets. In advertising, eight out of ten ads are targeted toward women who are usually in charge of household finances and purchasing.


In heavy rotation here at the offices of Established Mag is Jenny Bapst new hotness "So Exotic". Up tempo, melodic, sexy.

From Paris to NYC, Jenny Bapst is making noise, the exotic way. Trailblazing in multiple industries from modeling to music, Jenny Bapst drops a sexy new sound on us called "So Exotic".

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