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"Style and confidence is usually first for me. Guys who are self assured, and know what they want in life tend to capture my attention the most."- Baiyu

EM: Tell us a little about who you are and where are you from?

BAIYU: I'm a singer, songwriter, soulstress, and storyteller of Chinese descent.

EM: What is like to be an Asian artist coming up in the music industry?

BAIYU: The industry is a lot more open to someone with my face in today's time than it was 10 years ago. Before Youtube and before front runners like Bruno Mars and Far East Movement, I got a lot of feedback to the tone of: is an Asian American artist singing soulful R&B music believable. I always found that question so ludicrous because as a songwriter, what I express through my lyrics and melodies is very personal to me and rings true to my history and experiences. I continue to carry that philosophy with me to this day and am just grateful that eyes and ears are finally becoming keen to someone of my background.

EM: Who are some of your musical influences growing up?

BAIYU: I'm a product of good 90's R&B. Some of my favorite artists and largest influences are legends such as Mariah Carey, Mary J. Blige and Whitney Houston. I remember when I couldn't wait to get home from school so that I can listen to my boom box!

EM: Tell us more about your new sophomore EP Album?

BAIYU: My sophomore EP is entitled Fan Fair and in essence, it's a dedication to all the fans, friends and family who have supported me throughout the years. As a thank you to them, and as a way to contribute to the community at large, I decided to donate all proceeds from Fan Fan towards the Japanese tsunami relief efforts. I am so blessed to have the gift of song, and Fan Fair is really a means to hopefully bring a smile to a lot of people's faces, especially those in need.

EM: How would you describe your style?

BAIYU: Swagged out soulful pop R&B.

EM: Do you have a personal quote that you live by and why?

BAIYU: Live your dream.

EM: When your hanging out in the city do you have a particular place that you like to hang and relax?

BAIYU: I love shopping for trinkets in the village. As you can probably tell from a lot of my photos, I dig hip glasses and retro earrings and what better place to find unique pieces than from a street side stand owned by some cool kid?

EM: who is hot right now in your ipod , that you listen to all the time?

BAIYU: Adele's getting some mad burn on my ipod these days!

EM: what kind of guys capture your attention? and if so, is it they're physical features or style first?

BAIYU: Style and confidence is usually first for me. Guys who are self assured, and know what they want in life tend to capture my attention the most.

EM: what is a fashion no no for men that you cannot stand?

BAIYU: Underwear as outerwear is a huge no go - keep it together guys!!

EM: What makes you an established artist?

BAIYU: There's still a ways to go before I achieve the ultimate dream but having VJ'ed for mtvU for 3 years, and now having my video on rotation on MTV Networks is a real blessing!

EM: what do you believe makes an established man?

BAIYU: An established man is someone who has aspirations and has a plan. It's driven man who is well on his way to get to where he wants to go.

EM: Are you touring ? and if so where should your fans look out for you?

BAIYU: Yup! I just came back from touring on the West coast and in Canada, and will be doing some new shows in New York. Be sure to follow me on Songkick right here:

EM: How can your fans contact you?

BAIYU: Through the beauty of twitter, you can hit me at @BaiyuMusic. I love feedback!

EM: In the near future, what artist would you like to collaborate with ?
Frank Ocean is destroying the music space right now. He's a talent that I would love to collaborate with in the very near future!

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