In today's opt-in digital age and social society, consumer brands are partnering with entertainers, athletes, and artist to break through the barriers of maintaining consumer loyalty.

Some brands still don't get that lemons and milk don't quite mix well. As with all things, it's a learning process to understand your audience and in this case, who you are as a brand. It's a two way street that if done right, can be very profitable for all parties.

Let's take Breyer's Ice Cream for instance. Breyer's is historically known for natural-flavored ice cream and has positioned themselves as a historical staple in frozen treats as a whole. What would you do if you all of a sudden started seeing Breyer's microwaved ovens at every appliance store? You'd probably think it was a joke right? Well that's exactly the issue with some brands today. In an effort to gain more exposure and sell more products, brands are pretty much selling their DNA out for the cheap. Just to be clear, a brand is also a person, hence the "two-way street" bit - It just has to fit on both ends.

In light of the recent events taking place with Rick Ross and so many other brands out there, take a look at some of the most unexpected WTFWYT! (What The *bleep* Were You Thinking!) and also some pretty well matched brand endorsements.

Click "Next", watch the videos, take notes.

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