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"The only thing that's not your birth right is where you find your happiness. You're the only one who can make it happen."- Doxi Jones


Doxi Jones is one of the latest sensations signed to TITLE 9 Productions / SRC / Universal Republic Records and there's no doubt why.  Her creative, mysterious, and sexy appeal coupled with a retro-modern style commands respect and title of Best Of Show in Sound (B.O.S.S.)
We had the pleasure of catching up with Doxi to pick her brain on music, style, life and relationships:

EM: You have a very retro yet unique style.  What or who is your inspiration?

DJ: I have a lot of inspirations as I'm surrounded by them. I come from a family of jazz musicians. Greats like John Coltrane and Stevie Wonder stand out because they are masters of their art. I'm inspired by what it takes to master your craft. It could be dance, fine art, anything. I pull inspiration from anyplace there is mastery involved.

EM: In our opinion, some of the remakes you did sound better than the originals. Have you heard that before?

DJ: These are some of my favorite songs, and I don't really think you can quantify them as better or worse. I sing them the same way I had committed them to memory. I didn't re-listen and try to imitate the sound. (Hear more songs on

EM: Love your fashion sense. What are a few of your favorite brands?

DJ: Ter et Bantine, Cushnie et Ochos, Hussein Chalayan, and Alexander McQueen. McQueen is the epitome of fucking fashion! (laughs)

EM: What are some of your favorite looks/colors this Fall?

DJ: I love Fall. It's one of my favorite seasons because I get to wear my trench coat, my boots, and my Fall accessories. As far as colors, I'm going to be sporting navy blue, cream, gold, and burnt orange.

EM: Is there a Mr. in your life?

DJ: Yes

EM: We want our readers to understand some of what it takes to get a woman of your swag and caliber. What was the first thing that attracted you to him?

DJ: He has a few shining qualities, but the first thing that attracted me was his work ethic.  He has a fearless attitude when it comes to work, and I loved the fact that he also had no fear to go into a relationship and no fear to fall in love.

EM: If you could style someone (a male celeb) for a day, who would it be?

DJ: Kanye West. I would love to go through his closet and pick out an outfit.

EM: I see you're into tattoo art. The ones on your back, what do they mean?

DJ: My tattoos are my life story. I had gotten them from all over the world. The ones you can see are the Phoenix over my shoulder, and I have a garden on the bottom of my back. It's my fantasy land. Phoenix is my spirit, and I'm flying over my fantasy garden. When I have children, I'll put their footprints in the garden. My body is a canvas for my life.

EM: Are you religious?

DJ: I grew up in church, but my Dad is Buddhist and my Grandmother is Jewish. We're spiritual, but we're all finding our own way. I believe in the higher power for sure though.

EM: We see you work with the youth a lot. Anything you'd like to make them aware of?

DJ: The whole universe longed for your existence. Your life has a purpose and your happiness is your birth right. The only thing that's not your birth right is where you find your happiness. You're the only one who can make it happen.

EM: Love the teaser trailer, it's mysterious and sexy. Any plans for more of the like?

DJ: We're working on new content like that all the time, I'm also in the process of creating some fine art and a series of self portraits.

EM: Who's your album for? What's the title and overall message?

DJ: The album has a working title for now, and it's a little something for everyone. It's not geared toward one demo. I've worked hard to cover as many areas as possible so that everyone can enjoy it.

EM: What's next for Doxi Jones? Any other business ventures blossoming?

DJ: I'm working on a lot of different projects.  I work closely with my friend Kristin Hanson who is a Jewelry Designer in Soho, and we're putting a fine jewelry project together just to name one. I'm going to be doing lots of projects like this because I want people to be able to participate in my life and give them as many components of me as possible.
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