3D printing is certainly no stranger to fashion. Since 2012 there have been several fashion designers taking advantage of the Makerbot and it’s 3D printing capabilities but only a handful of designers have made breakthroughs.

Brooklyn’s own Francis Bitonti caught the public’s eye with the Bristle Dress, a two-piece Couture 3D print made of complex geometric shapes and a “cloud-like translucent haze”. Check out the video for behind the scenes footage and Francis Bitonti’s VO.

Francis Bitonti also collaborated with famous wardrobe and jewelry designer Michael Schmidt (known for his work with Madonna, Cher, Lady Gaga, Rhianna, Janet Jackson and more) to create a nylon body-hugging dress for Dita Von Teese, who coincidentally will be performing in Atlanta this weekend, and we’re not going to miss that.

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