Wynter Gordon talks Victoria's Secret, Music, Fashion, Life & Love.

"Wynter is as masterful a songwriter and composer as she is a vocalist. Her magnetic charm and beauty may intially draw you in, but it will undoubtedly be her passionate songs that speak to you, and, ultimately, keep you here".- Wyntergordon.com

Victoria's Secret has chosen Wynter Gordon's "Buy My Love" as the theme song for their cute and sexy "Pink" worldwide campaign. A fitting brand match as Wynter is as cute and just as sexy along with her captivating voice and poppy fashion sense.

Glimpse into the world of Doxi Jones

"The only thing that's not your birth right is where you find your happiness. You're the only one who can make it happen."- Doxi Jones

Doxi Jones is one of the latest sensations signed to TITLE 9 Productions / SRC / Universal Republic Records and there's no doubt why. Her creative, mysterious, and sexy appeal coupled with a retro-modern style commands respect and title of Best Of Show in Sound (B.O.S.S.)

Swizz Beatz Unveils Carbon Lotus Car in New York City.

Swizz Beatz has been making major moves with major brands. From his Global Creative Director stance with Reebok, to his Executive Creative Director position with Lotus, Swizz continues to change the tempo in art and business.

Swizz Beatz Unveils Carbon Lotus in NYC

Steven Tyler Presents Andrew Charles Clothing Line at Andy Hilfiger's Exclusive Birthday Bash.

Rock Star and American Idol host Steven Tyler invited us to his grand opening of Andrew Charles Clothing Co. where he also celebrated Andy Hilfiger's birthday and gave us a special exclusive performance.

Steven Tyler at RIFF NYC

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