"Sometimes, when pursuing a career that you want longevity in, and not just a quick 15 minutes of fame, you must decline money, say no to photographers, magazines, videographers, and businesses with a certain reputation or following, in order for you to build your own brand."

Artist, Model, Entertainer, B.O.S.S., Ryan boasts multi-faceted talents in which she uses to captivate and create. She Is Ryan aka SIR, has a fitting ring to it as Ryan is as business savvy as she is gorgeously stunning. There's no denying the respect for her crafts.

We've watched SIR from her photography work, to modeling, to performing and recently acting. There's a definite consistency in quality she brings to the point where you almost know the "Ryan Touch". Much like a business mogul, SIR is constantly on the grind building her brand and inspiring others. Hard work and business non-stop - Yes SIR - She Is Ryan.

EM: SIR is an acronym for She Is Ryan, but when someone says SIR it could be confused with addressing a dude. You're much more good-looking than a dude so is it a reference to your work ethic?

SIR: Thank you, and that's a great question. SIR, of course stands for She Is Ryan. But most importantly, it has proven itself to be more catchy, and almost addictive over everything else. What started off as an acronym, later turned into a brand. A word that has captured the attention of both men and women because I started using it where ever I am. Shirts, hats, all social media networks, and even my music. I have branded SIR as a term which simply suggests POWER. Men say it because it's appropriate, "Respect the name, call me SIR", and women say AND wear it because they know what it stands for, She Is Ryan. If a woman like me can walk around using this "SIR" slogan because it's the simply an acronym for her actual name, it gave women everywhere the idea to do the same and most importantly REPRESENT. Although it can be a reference to my bold, boss like, business driven, aggressive work ethic, SIR signifies power, confidence, and RESPECT.

EM: What do you think of when you're on stage? How do you get through each performance?

SIR: When I'm on stage, I almost immediately look into the crowds eyes. Whether people choose to believe this or not, being a new artist, people are almost NOT INTERESTED in seeing you perform, or hearing anything you have to say. Sometimes it's written all over the face of a few people in the crowd. I love it. What goes through my mind at that very moment is, "I'm going to show these people a good time, and give them a hell of a show". I then get into my zone, not caring what people are thinking, or who's watching, but literally using all I have inside of me to perform at my very best. I get through each performance by visualizing the crowd loving me before I even go on stage. It works every time, and it feels good being to be recognized for my stage show.

EM: As a model, we see you're moving from eye-candy to prestige and brand driven, tell us about that transition?

SIR: Yes, I stray away from the booking nowadays. Sometimes, when pursuing a career that you want longevity in, and not just a quick 15 minutes of fame, you must decline money, say no to photographers, magazines, videographers, and businesses with a certain reputation or following, in order for you to build your own brand. By doing this, I now have a more diverse portfolio, and I show versatility to clients who want to book me for not only swim wear lines, but say, a fragrance or eye wear brand. She's Ryan is NOT an eye candy model. There is nothing wrong with eye candy, but by saying I'm an "eye candy" or "tattoo model", I limit myself to titles, which then limits me to opportunity presented by a larger market or bigger investors. I have transitioned to professional print and commercial modeling. This includes filming commercials, modeling for not only sexy magazines, but advertisements that can be seen worldwide, and of course, I still love the sexy, flirtatious shoots I get booked for. Nothing to objectify myself, or ruin my image/brand, just great work, with great photographers.

EM: Take us through these tattoos, they've appeared in all types of media. We want to get the story and meanings behind the art, and how they play into your brand...

SIR: I love my tattoos. When I was 19 years old I was an apprentice at a tattoo shop in my neighborhood called 'Jaz Tattoo' at the time. The shop owner, which later became my mentor actually taught me how to tattoo. I was actually doing tattoos for a little while before I had to get a job, and start paying rent. But basically Jaz, who I still look up to til this day, kind of gave me the shop initiation by doing both my arms, and this huge chest piece. Since we were so close, he tattooed the same Japanese Hanya mask that is on his left arm, onto mine. A four hour piece that I happily sat through because I knew my mentor had it. After that, I made sure my whole upper body was Japanese inspired, one because it's beautiful, two after learning about Hanya, I was infatuated with the culture and decided to get more. I've had the tattoos before I was titled, 'SIR', but they conveniently play so well with my whole brand. A body full of tattoos shows fearlessness, eclecticism, art, strength (because tattoos hurt whether people choose to believe this or not), and individuality. My tattoos are the epitome of She Is Ryan. SIR.

EM: At Established Mag, we know how important the choices we all make as brands are. How do you want the world to see you in the next 2 to 5 years?

SIR: In the next 2 to 5 years, I want the world to see me as a leader. Someone who started from nothing and gained everything through experience, hard work, trial and error...just everything. The goal is to inspire. Whether through music, modeling, acting, or public speaking. There's people who need to know that anything is possible and that it all begins with YOU. In two years, I can say I will be a successful pop artist, model, and actress. That's just the reality of it all, and I'd have it absolutely no other way.

EM: Any project dropping in the short term that we can look for

SIR: YES! The EP, SIR. 8 tracks. But in the mean time, my first music video is dropping in a few weeks for my new song, "WHOA."

Finish this sentence... She Is Ryan and she is established because...

- She Is Ryan, and she is established because she is successful in her craft and career. She has realized that success does not mean having a bunch of money and fans, but that a successful person is someone who brings success TO everything he or she does. Money is simply one of the pay offs or rewards.

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Photo credits: Pillow Talk Photography Studios
Makeup: Carlos Martinez

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